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mecoralilAbout Me

My name is Jody Boudreaux, and I have been a Graphic Designer / Web Developer for 20+ years. Most of my skill set has been focused on the “design” aspect of web sites. Although I have created web sites from start to finish using programs such as Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver, I rarely ever focused on the coding aspect of it. I would design it, cut it up, and then throw it all together in Dreamweaver with good old tables and be done with it. Don’t make me bring up frames! LOL

Web sites today are created a lot differently, and I believe that is a good thing. I am addicted to usability, mobile and user centered designs. I love the idea of pulling up a website and seeing a great looking layout that’s user friendly no matter what size screen. I believe that details make a design great–big or small–, a well placed icon or even a 1 pixel line can change the look of an idea from great to exceptional.

In all my years of being a designer I have been very luck to be able to work for some very great companies, clients and friends. That being said, I do not feel comfortable just pasting their links on here in a portfolio. If you would like a list of some sites I have created, send me an email and I will be happy to to provide you with a list.

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